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‘Collective Worship’ in a Multi-Faith society

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What are schools for? Education is a means to an end, but the prior question is ‘what we are here for?’ What gives our lives meaning and purpose? The religions of the world are evidence of both the importance and diversity of answers in the human quest for truth. So it is natural that our schools should support and develop learning about and from religions.

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The Bible in one hand and the Newspaper in the other?

Justin Welby has been well advised by his predecessor for the challenging role he is about to take on.  But as with all such advice he will still need to exercise careful judgement.  For example, what is the balance between the documents in each hand?  Many of those shouting loudly in the Church of England today would claim to be drawing on those same publications, but one wonders sometimes whether the newspaper has been given precedence when it comes to shaping their judgement. For example, the world echoes Scripture when it demands equal rights and freedom of information, but distorts both when it exercises them beyond their proper limits such as in salacious and intrusive journalism. If we are God’s people, surely God’s word should determine our outlook more than whatever is considered politically correct. And in a fallen world, we should expect strong echoes of that fallen heritage in the press. As advised by the originator of the expression, Karl Barth, we need to be conscious of what is secular in source, and be biblically critical in our appraisal. 

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Ethical Investment

What is an ‘ethical investment’? A year or two ago when the financial crisis was just breaking, I heard of an Investment manager asking his clients whether they were willing to invest in a fund consisting of “distressed assets”. But I am told that that sounds much more un-ethical than it apparently is: remove the image of hand-wringing families standing outside locked homes while bailiffs hard-heartedly chalk auction values on their possessions. The dispossessed are faceless corporations; the ‘distress’ a technical term for items for which there is not a ready market – items which have been ‘heavily discounted’, in a bid to achieve short-term liquidity.

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