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Publishing Grants

Publishing Grants

The Latimer Trust is extending its grant programme to offer support for the publication of suitable work (probably PhD theses) by other publishers.  The sum envisaged is around £500, which would be paid direct to the publisher.


The main purpose of the Latimer Trust is to provide resource material for the church. Priority will be given to candidates at a doctoral or post-doctoral level whose proposal has direct relevance to the needs of the church today. The work may form part of a PhD, dissertation or sabbatical project: the aim of the Latimer Trust is to facilitate access to this work by publication, whether as a Latimer Study, articles in journals etc. PhD candidates would be given priority over those already established in their careers.

The area of study should be in the fields of Christian Doctrine and/or Historical Theology with an emphasis on the practical benefits of the research for today’s church.

Applicants must adhere to the Doctrinal Basis of the Latimer Trust, which may be downloaded here: 

Date 2013-03-13 Filesize 19.2 KB Download 5303

Proposed Grants Procedure:

Completed applications should be sent to the Latimer Trust Office at the address on the application form.

Please note that completed references are required to be provided with the application form

The Grants process will be operated annually as follows:

Opening date 1st October

Applications to be received by 28th February

Interviews by 31st March

You may download the form to edit and complete in RTF format 

Date 2013-03-13 Filesize 256.79 KB Download 5655


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