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Evangelicalism and the Church of England

eceEvangelicalism and the Church of England in the Twentieth Century: Reform, Resistance and Renewal

Edited by Andrew Atherstone & John Maiden

A new volume edited by Latimer research fellow, Andrew Atherstone. This volume makes a considerable contribution to the understanding of twentieth-century Anglicanism and evangelicalism. It includes an expansive introduction which both engages with recent scholarship and challenges existing narratives. The book locates the diverse Anglican evangelical movement in the broader fields of the history of English Christianity and evangelical globalisation.

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Honouring God in Disagreement


Mary and Joanna have fallen out. It’s a long running dispute between these giants among the church flower-arrangers and it came to a head over the Easter lilies. Mary says they are the latest thing and we must have them. Joanna knows that her husband George is allergic to lilies and will suffer a horrible reaction unless he stays home. There is a stand-off.

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'God Has Spoken' - New Book

Gerald Bray, the Latimer Trust's Director of Research, has written a new historial theology. God Has Spoken is the companion volume to his systematic theology, God is Love, and traces theological themes through church history. From the church's foundations in Judaism, through early church fathers, Chalcedon, the Reformation, until today, Bray considers how key theological areas were debated, all within a trinitarian framework.

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Accessible Homilies!


Gerald Bray, the Latimer Trust's Director of Research, has written a critical edition of the Books of Homilies. Anyone familiar with his writing will know that it will be fresh and accessible. James Clarke & Co, the publishers, are making it even more so by offering the new Paperback edition at a discount which you can access by downloading and using this flyer

Books of Homilies discount flyer
Date 2016-11-28 Filesize 1.29 MB Download 2923

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Better Together


The seemingly interminable Scottish referendum campaign is entering its final stages. Scotland has been inundated with campaigners on both sides, who can be divided into those with a heart who will vote yes, and those with a head, who will vote no. The rest of the world looks on in disbelief, or with only mild interest.

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