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J I Packer commends...

'True Devotion is

extraordinarily good:

I was very grateful

for my copy, and

recommend it

wherever I can'

Jim Packer


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Refreshed by the God of Barmen

On Harvest Sunday an old technology made its absence felt in our church. Now, in general, the congregation appreciates the flexibility that a video projector gives; we don't miss our hymnbooks all that much. But at Harvest, as we concluded by singing Henry Alford's 'Come ye thankful people come', the Organ continued into a fourth verse whilst the powerpoint operator, only having three to show, put up the only slide they had left. Cue a congregation lustily bellowing, to the tune of St George's Windsor, 'Please do join us in the foyer for coffee'. Try it, it doesn't even scan.

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This is the day

This is the day

That the Lord has made

Let us rejoice

And be glad in it

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Marriage has been in the news, with the government’s plans to redefine marriage to allow same-sex couples to marry making its way through the House of Lords. Some argue that the plans to extend marriage to same-sex couples are matters of long delayed justice and equality for gay people. Others argue that it is an unnecessary move, given the importance of marriage to society.

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Allowing the cross to shape the Christian agenda

Apparently there is a village in Cornwall with 864 road signs. That means one road sign for every three inhabitants. However the council has agreed there are too many and plans to remove 200 of them. One can readily imagine the dazzling bombardment of information that such excess signage produces.

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The Turn of the Tide


Nearly 150 years after it was penned, Matthew Arnold’s poem ‘Dover Beach’ has proved remarkably prescient. Christianity’s ‘melancholy, long, withdrawing roar’ continues to this day in Arnold’s ‘northern sea.’ The great strategic challenge for global Christianity is the turning of that tide and in this light the gathering of the GAFCON movement planned for Nairobi this October takes on a special significance.

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