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Here you can find Book reviews, lectures, public information about Latimer people, blogs and 'Newsflashes' - snippets of information about Latimer things.

The Turn of the Tide


Nearly 150 years after it was penned, Matthew Arnold’s poem ‘Dover Beach’ has proved remarkably prescient. Christianity’s ‘melancholy, long, withdrawing roar’ continues to this day in Arnold’s ‘northern sea.’ The great strategic challenge for global Christianity is the turning of that tide and in this light the gathering of the GAFCON movement planned for Nairobi this October takes on a special significance.

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The Bible in one hand and the Newspaper in the other?

Justin Welby has been well advised by his predecessor for the challenging role he is about to take on.  But as with all such advice he will still need to exercise careful judgement.  For example, what is the balance between the documents in each hand?  Many of those shouting loudly in the Church of England today would claim to be drawing on those same publications, but one wonders sometimes whether the newspaper has been given precedence when it comes to shaping their judgement. For example, the world echoes Scripture when it demands equal rights and freedom of information, but distorts both when it exercises them beyond their proper limits such as in salacious and intrusive journalism. If we are God’s people, surely God’s word should determine our outlook more than whatever is considered politically correct. And in a fallen world, we should expect strong echoes of that fallen heritage in the press. As advised by the originator of the expression, Karl Barth, we need to be conscious of what is secular in source, and be biblically critical in our appraisal. 

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Food for thought

A story that has been in the news lately concerns the way in which we feed ourselves. It seems an astonishing 30% - 50% of the world food produced is never eaten. That's up to half of what we grow, effectively wasted. The causes vary. In the developing world, it seems the main problem is poor storage and transport methods, so the food spoils before it reaches the consumer. In the developed world, different factors are at play. Partly it is use-by dates that are set too early by companies eager to avoid the tiniest risk of contamination. Partly it is our fussiness as wealthy consumers - we want food to look cosmetically perfect, so anything looking slightly odd - even if perfectly healthy - is thrown away before it's ever put on sale. Whatever the cause, the result is staggering. In a world where right now people are starving, we produce more than enough to feed them, but throw it away.

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Latimer Research Fellow at Oak Hill

The Latimer Trust is delighted to announce the appointment from September 2013 of Kirsty Birkett as part-time Research Fellow.  Kirsty will move from full-time to part-time faculty, undertaking research and writing on our behalf, and within college continuing to teach Ethics and philosophy, and also working on learning architecture as the college undergo re-validation of all  their courses.

Kindling interest

We've been asked by a number of people whether they can buy our books on Kindle. We have released quite a few on Amazon (affiliate link), and more will follow. If you have a particular request, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we'll see what we can do!

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