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A blessing in disguise

The fallout from the failure of the women bishops measure has been depressingly predictable. Disappointed supporters have spared us no doomsday scenario, insisting that the church has committed suicide, that the world is looking on in contempt and that women clergy will resign en masse. Yet is it possible to suggest that rather than being a catastrophe, what has happened is actually a blessing in disguise? The minority has long accepted that women will eventually be consecrated bishops and has sought only adequate provision for those who cannot accept them. This provision has been denied because a majority confident of victory has felt able to make no more than minimal concessions. The final vote exploded this comfortable assumption and made it necessary to think again, and it is here that opportunity beckons.

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Can the Bible make sense of depression?

“Malignant sadness” is the horridly vivid description of depression given by Lewis Wolpert in his book of that title. It often takes such poetic language to express the reality of a form of suffering that is so hard to understand. How can we make sense of it?

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What is Love?

Prince Charles, famously, at his engagement to Diana Spencer, asked what love is. Our society and culture believes, rightly, that love is the key value. Yet, we live in an age when there is a great deal of confusion on the nature of love. Love, in our society, is equated with a romantic feelings and a desire for self-fulfilment.  So, many believe that love (in the sense of desire and need for self-satisfaction) must have a sexual expression. We can see these notions played out in the debate about same-sex relationships and marriage. Many believe that if two men or women “love” one another then the “loving thing” for society must be to allow them to express that love sexually. Indeed, the government’s argument about its plans to legislate for same-sex marriage is that, given that same-sex couples “love” one another, then simple equality demands that they be allowed to marry.

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The Anglican Future: After the Storm

We are in a strange place. After nearly a decade of crisis, the much predicted Anglican schism has failed to materialise, at least in any clear cut way. Significant new structures have been birthed, notably the Anglican Church of North America, but on the whole the drama has subsided.

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60 years of faithful constitutional monarchy

St Paul tells us that in the church there ought not only to be “requests, prayers [and] intercessions” for “kings”, but also “thanksgiving” (1 Tim 2:1). So how we should thank God for our Queen and Constitutional Monarchy that she so faithfully has embodied for 60 years.
We, therefore, must first thank God that our Constitutional Monarchy is democratic but not merely democratic. There is a current common assumption that “democracy” is good in itself. But critics from Aristotle to those worried by possible outcomes from the “Arab Spring” have recognized that simple democracy can mean 51 per cent of people enslaving the other 49 per cent!

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