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Here you can find Book reviews, lectures, public information about Latimer people, blogs and 'Newsflashes' - snippets of information about Latimer things.

St Antholin 2016

martSt Antholin Lecture: 2016 -  7pm on Friday 10th June at Oak Hill College

Preceding the Church Society Conference, the 2016 St Antholin Lecture will take place at Oak Hill College.

Martyn Cowan's subject will be "The Prophetic Preaching of John Owen".

John Owen, the Prince of the Puritans, was born 400 years ago and lived through some of the most tumultuous and formative events in British history, often at the heart of things. He is well-known as a theologian, but his power as a preacher is less appreciated today. What can we learn from his example for our own faithful proclamation of the gospel today?

Printed copies of the lecture will be available from the day of the lecture.

Drinks and canapes will be served following the lecture.

How the church can help those faced with death

It is almost exactly a month now since 23-year-old Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the turf of White Hart Lane football stadium. He had suffered a heart attack and lay dying in front of 36,000 spectators and a much larger audience on television. A team of six medics fought frantically to save him as fans of both teams began chanting his name, urging him to cling to life even as it ebbed away. Astonishingly he survived and, ever since newspaper headlines have tended to preface his name with a new title – “Back from the Dead”.

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The Ministers We Want

As we debate church ministry, who is to do it and how to educate people for it, it is worth considering what we are aiming for in the people to whom we minister. What we want for the people who come to church is not happiness, or a pain-free life, or even personal fulfilment. Our true goal for people is maturity in Christ, from which these other blessings flow.

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Church Bookstall starter packs

Wide bookstall packHere is an offer church bookstalls shouldn't refuse - unless (I am sorry!) you are located outside the UK.

The model is a bit like 'Send a Cow'- we will give you an attractive book display stand stocked with a selection of our titles, all completely free, and you can sell the books and keep or reinvest the proceeds.  When you want to re-stock, we will give you a 20% trade discount, postage free.  So there is no capital outlay, no risk, and no obligations - just an opportunity to encourage your church and get them reading sound and stimulating material.

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Ethical Investment

What is an ‘ethical investment’? A year or two ago when the financial crisis was just breaking, I heard of an Investment manager asking his clients whether they were willing to invest in a fund consisting of “distressed assets”. But I am told that that sounds much more un-ethical than it apparently is: remove the image of hand-wringing families standing outside locked homes while bailiffs hard-heartedly chalk auction values on their possessions. The dispossessed are faceless corporations; the ‘distress’ a technical term for items for which there is not a ready market – items which have been ‘heavily discounted’, in a bid to achieve short-term liquidity.

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