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AF07: Instruction in the Way

of the Lord: A Guide to the

Catechism in the Book

of Common Prayer

by Martin Davie

AF08: Till Death Us Do

Part: "The Solemnization

of Matrimony" in the Book

of Common Prayer

by Simon Vibert.


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Late in 2010 the Latimer Trust was asked to contribute regularly to the CEN's column, 'England on Sunday'.  Not all of our articles seem to have made it onto their web site, but they can be read in our blogs.  Some of our members have also written on behalf of other organisations; links to these pages follow below:

Gerald Bray  24/06/2011 Scripture and the ministry of women 
Mark Burkill


Exclusion and women bishops – Augustine’s warning

“Won’t we ever be more than colleagues?”

Most people find one or two words profoundly irritating. For some, it’s Americanisms like sticktoitiveness (which I rather like). For others, misunderstood terms like ‘literally’ peppering a person’s every sentence, literally drive them up the wall.

Read more: “Won’t we ever be more than colleagues?”

Lay Presidency: Time for Change

Lay Presidency Grove WorshipIn recent generations almost every area of the Church of England’s worshipping life has been opened up to lay leadership. But one domain remains the exclusive privilege of the clergy – presiding at Holy Communion. Our canon law insists: ‘No person shall consecrate and administer the holy sacrament of the Lord’s Supper unless he shall have been ordained priest by episcopal ordination’ (Canon B12). In previous centuries this restriction made good sense, in the days when church leadership was a one-man-band. But in today’s Church of England, where theologically-trained and authorized lay leaders are given considerable responsibility for Bible teaching and public worship, to forbid them from leading the eucharistic prayer is inconsistent and incoherent. It is time for change. This old and restrictive canon has long since outlived its purpose.

Read more: Lay Presidency: Time for Change

Reading the Past

When reading church history books, it is striking how much church history depends upon reading. Early in his life Cranmer read Luther’s writings and noted the heresies in the margins. Later, he returned to the same volumes and underlined his agreements. In 1562 Bishop John Jewel published a bestselling defence of the Elizabethan Church of England. It was, as he wrote to Peter Martyr, ‘an Apology for the change of religion among us, and our departure from the church of Rome’.

Read more: Reading the Past

Protecting the church's reputation

             At our recent church AGM I was startled to discover that nearly 50 adults in our congregation have been CRB checked because of their involvement in ministries among children. Since our total adult numbers are only about 120 this struck me as a rather high percentage, and it set me thinking about the impact of recent government legislation on the church.

Read more: Protecting the church's reputation

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