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J I Packer commends...

'True Devotion is

extraordinarily good:

I was very grateful

for my copy, and

recommend it

wherever I can'

Jim Packer


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‘Collective Worship’ in a Multi-Faith society

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What are schools for? Education is a means to an end, but the prior question is ‘what we are here for?’ What gives our lives meaning and purpose? The religions of the world are evidence of both the importance and diversity of answers in the human quest for truth. So it is natural that our schools should support and develop learning about and from religions.

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Living Reconciliation - a review

For the Archbishop of Canterbury reconciliation is at the heart of the Gospel and he therefore hopes that it will become the hallmark of the Anglican Communion.

In this review of the book by Phil Groves and Angharad Parry Jones, Living Reconciliation, Martin Davie says that the existence of helpful aspects of the book need to be acknowledged. However, the book as a whole is deeply problematic. For the full review, read on.

Living Reconciliation - a review by Dr Martin Davie

Living Reconciliation - a review by Dr Martin Davie

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Grace and Disagreement - a review

The resources to accompany the forthcoming shared conversations on sexuality across the Church of England have now been published.

In this review of the book, Grace and Disagreement - Shared Conversations on Scripture, Mission and Human Sexuality, Martin Davie explains what the resources contain, provides an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, and suggests how Evangelicals should respond to them. For the full review, read on.

Grace and Disagreement - a review by Dr Martin Davie

Grace and Disagreement – Shared Conversations on Scripture, Mission and Human Sexuality - an in-depth review by Dr Martin Davie

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Rebranding Hell



In its end of year issue, The Guardian Weekly recently published a long feature article on hell (Meghan OGieblyn, How to sell hell to modern consumers, 19/12/14, pp. 34-38). Not, of course, written by a Christian theologian, or indeed a scholar of any religion, but by an ex- believer. It is the story of a woman's moving from belief in hell (and all other Protestant doctrines), to discomfort with the doctrine, to outright rejection of Christianity. She also writes of the new trend within American evangelicalism to soften or tone down the idea of hell.

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