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'God is Love' - Landmark Achievement

Gerald Bray’s new systematic theology, God is Love, is a landmark achievement for many reasons.

First, Bray is an exceptional systematic theologian and church historian, and this fine book is the fruit of many decades of thinking and teaching. This book should replace Wayne Grudem’s work as the standard evangelical systematic theology.  Secondly, it is the first evangelical Anglican systematic theology since Griffith Thomas in the 19th century. It is quietly Anglican in tone, focusing on what Bray calls “mere or basic Christianity” (though Bray’s Anglicanism is Reformed). He focuses on key and important doctrines. Bray’s tone is irenic in matters like baptism, church government, gifts of the Spirit, and the millennium, which divide evangelicals, but he can be wittily dismissive, and even brutal, of views that he believes are outside traditional Christian orthodoxy.

Read more: 'God is Love' - Landmark Achievement

'God is Love' - Award of Merit in Book of the Year

Gerald Bray’s new systematic theology, God is Love, has gained the Award of Merit in Christianity Today's 'Book of the Year' in the category of Theology and Ethics.

Available from good Christian sources - including the Latimer Trust! But we can't go anywhere near the bargain price available in the UK in the Ten of Those January Sale!


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