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Jim Packer

The Lord's Supper in Human Hands

The Lord's Supper in Human HandsThe Lord's Supper in Human Hands: Who should Administer? edited by Peter Bolt, Mark D Thompson and Robert Tong.

Removing the Prohibition against Lay and Diaconal administration of the Lord's Supper: A suggested change in practice, set within the enormous need for mission in our contemporary world, and arising from a desire to better express biblical and Anglican Christianity. A suggested change that some don't understand, many resist, and others actively malign.

Sydney Diocese is not the first place, nor the only place, in which this matter has been discussed. But, after examining the issue from practically every angle for almost forty years, in Sydney the discussion of lay and diaconal administration of the Lord's Supper has certainly been thorough.

As a contribution to further Communion-wide consideration, this book seeks to chronicle Sydney's discussion of lay and diaconal administration. A suggested change in practice within historic Anglicanism. A change to stay the same.

The Lord's Supper in Human Hands
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First Published 2008 by The Australian Church Record

ISBN: 978 0 980376 95 1

Contributors: Peter Bolt, Glenn Davies, Mark Thompson, Robert Tong, John Woodhouse.

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