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AF07: Instruction in the Way

of the Lord: A Guide to the

Catechism in the Book

of Common Prayer

by Martin Davie

AF08: Till Death Us Do

Part: "The Solemnization

of Matrimony" in the Book

of Common Prayer

by Simon Vibert.


A Better Vision

lb19A Better Vision: Resources for the debate about human sexuality in the Church of England edited by Martin Davie

The purpose of this short booklet is to provide a brief introduction from an Evangelical perspective to the central issues involved in the debate about human sexuality that is currently taking place in the Church of England.


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Commemorating War and Praying for Peace

lb18Commemorating War and Praying for Peace: A Christian Reflection on the Armed Forces by John Neal

The Centenary of the ‘war to end all wars’ has brought to prominence both the pain and the pride of the armed forces. But it also raises some perennial questions about such forces, the place of Christians within them, and the Christian response to commemorating the events of war. This booklet sets out to outline the place and role of armed forces and the ‘Just War’ theory, to look at some of the pressures under which personnel of the modern Western world’s militaries serve as well as some of the moral issues surrounding the existence and the use of these same forces. 

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True Devotion

LB17True Devotion: In Search of Authentic Spirituality by Allan Chapple

This book is about how God’s Word shapes and rules our devotion to him. What is the best way of talking about this? ‘Spirituality’ is what many people call it, but this is not the ideal word. It can mean a great many things, some of them very far removed from anything the Bible teaches. ‘Piety’ is another possibility, but this is sometimes used in a rather negative way. Preferable is ‘Devotion’. When we speak of a couple being ‘devoted’ to each other, we mean that their relationship is strong, loyal, and loving – which is how we should relate to God.

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Divine Allurement

LB16Divine Allurement: Cranmer's Comfortable Words by Ashley Null

Because justification by faith emphasized personal faith, persuasion was important to the Protestant Reformers. The verb ‘allure’ was thus closely connected with their expression of the Gospel, and this is reflected in the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer.

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How the Anglican Communion came to be

lb15How The Anglican Communion Came To Be and Where It Is Going by Michael Nazir-Ali


A Publication with GAFCON 2013


‘The Anglican Communion has emerged out of faithfulness to God’s Word. It is built on the sacrifi ces and gifts of countless people. We believe it has a future under God but also that it needs, once again, to be reformed, renewed and equipped for its calling in today’s world.’

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