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Ministry under the Microscope


Ministry under the Microscope: The What, Why & How of Christian Ministry by Allan Chapple

We Christians use the word “ministry” a great deal—and like any word that is used so often, its meaning can be rather hard to pin down. But if it is important enough to be used so much, we need to be clear about what “ministry” means—and that requires us to dig deeply into the Bible, the Ministry Manual God has given us.

That is how this book seeks to answer the big three questions about “ministry”: What? Why? How?




Please note, the printed version of this book contains a typo on the front cover. It reads 'Latimer Study' and should read 'Latimer Briefing'. The numbers in the contents page are also 4 less than the actual page number. We hope you will still be able to enjoy reading this book, and find it useful.



Read more: Ministry under the Microscope

Transgender Liturgies

LB20Transgender Liturgies: Should the Church of England develop liturgical materials to mark gender transition? by Martin Davie

In April 2015 Blackburn Diocesan Synod passed the following motion:
‘That this Synod, recognising the need for transgender people to be welcomed and affirmed in their parish church, calls on the House of Bishops to consider whether some nationally commended liturgical materials might be prepared to mark a person’s gender transition’.

The purpose of this study is to consider whether it would be right for the members of General Synod to vote in favour of this motion.

This is such an important issue that the book is available as a free download, but can also be purchased in hard copy.


Chapter 5 Transgender Liturgies?

Chapter 5 (Summary conclusions) from Latimer Briefing 20: Transgender Liturgies: Should the Church of England develop liturgical materials to mark gender transition? by Martin Davie

Date 2017-05-05 Filesize 436.85 KB Download 3613
Transgender Liturgies? - full book

Full text of Latimer Briefing 20: Transgender Liturgies: Should the Church of England develop liturgical materials to mark gender transition? by Martin Davie

Date 2017-05-05 Filesize 997.54 KB Download 4088

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A Better Vision

lb19A Better Vision: Resources for the debate about human sexuality in the Church of England edited by Martin Davie

The purpose of this short booklet is to provide a brief introduction from an Evangelical perspective to the central issues involved in the debate about human sexuality that is currently taking place in the Church of England.


Read more: A Better Vision

Commemorating War and Praying for Peace

lb18Commemorating War and Praying for Peace: A Christian Reflection on the Armed Forces by John Neal

The Centenary of the ‘war to end all wars’ has brought to prominence both the pain and the pride of the armed forces. But it also raises some perennial questions about such forces, the place of Christians within them, and the Christian response to commemorating the events of war. This booklet sets out to outline the place and role of armed forces and the ‘Just War’ theory, to look at some of the pressures under which personnel of the modern Western world’s militaries serve as well as some of the moral issues surrounding the existence and the use of these same forces. 

Read more: Commemorating War and Praying for Peace

True Devotion

LB17True Devotion: In Search of Authentic Spirituality by Allan Chapple

This book is about how God’s Word shapes and rules our devotion to him. What is the best way of talking about this? ‘Spirituality’ is what many people call it, but this is not the ideal word. It can mean a great many things, some of them very far removed from anything the Bible teaches. ‘Piety’ is another possibility, but this is sometimes used in a rather negative way. Preferable is ‘Devotion’. When we speak of a couple being ‘devoted’ to each other, we mean that their relationship is strong, loyal, and loving – which is how we should relate to God.

Read more: True Devotion

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