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Towards a Heritage Renewed

Towards a Heritage RenewedTowards a Heritage Renewed by Hugh Craig

Hugh Craig was a member of General Synod for 45 years (1950-1995). In this lecture, he summarises the history of the Church of England during this time. He draws lessons from this for evangelicals and looks to the future of the Church of England.

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The Failure of the Church of England

The Failure of the Church of EnglandThe Failure of the Church of England? The Church, the Nation and the Anglican Communion by Arthur Pollard

"The Church of England's primary function must ever be to glorify God. It must embody, convey and transmit the historic faith. It must constantly offer worship acceptable to God and understood by the people; its liturgy must be at once dignified and worthy of God; there must be no softening or evasion of His requirements. It is my contention that in all these respects the Church of England has fallen and continues to fall short."

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Praying With Understanding

Praying With UnderstandingPraying With Understanding: Explanations of Words and Passages in the Book of Common Prayer by Roger Beckwith.

“If we are to be edified by our worship, we need to think about the words we are using, so that we can make them our own.”

Also available on Kindle (affiliate link)

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The Church of England

The Church of EnglandThe Church of England: What it is and what it stands for by Roger Beckwith.

This study considers the origins of the Church of England and the doctrines it stands for. "This, then, is the Church of England, and what it stands for.  Is it not a church that we should be thankful to belong to, proud to commend to others, and bold to defend against its enemies, whether from without or from within?"

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