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J I Packer commends...

'True Devotion is

extraordinarily good:

I was very grateful

for my copy, and

recommend it

wherever I can'

Jim Packer

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Fresh Expressions and the Eucharist by Nigel Scotland.


As Fresh Expressions re-imagine the way we do church, Nigel Scotland asks, is it time to return Holy Communion to something simpler, and more reflective of New Testament practice?

Date 2013-03-13 Filesize 36.91 KB Download 4117

Ministry of Women - discussion paper by LT Ministry Work Group.


Whilst continuing to hold to a Complementarian position on women in leadership, the Theological Work Group encourages churches to provide ministry opportunities for women; whether full-time and paid, or more informal, in areas the Bible encourages (exhoration to all, teaching of women and children, 'prophecy,' prayer).

Date 2011-02-07 Filesize 55.75 KB Download 4620

The Inerrancy of Scripture by Kevin Vanhoozer


What does Biblical Inerrancy mean, and is it a modern invention? Kevin Vanhoozer helps us find a nuanced and detailed definition.

Date 2011-02-07 Filesize 48.6 KB Download 3956
The Sufficiency of Scripture by Mark Thompson
Date 2011-02-07 Filesize 39.76 KB Download 3958
God Made Me This Way by Michael Lloyd
Date 2011-02-07 Filesize 51.77 KB Download 3968
The Clarity of Scripture by Gerald Bray
Date 2011-02-07 Filesize 36.6 KB Download 3918
Inclusive Language
Date 2011-02-07 Filesize 33.53 KB Download 3801
No Fault Divorce by David Detheridge
Date 2011-02-07 Filesize 55.07 KB Download 3925
Spirituality in Schools by Geoffrey Locke
Date 2011-02-07 Filesize 71.56 KB Download 3869
Update on Sunday Trading by Michael Schluter
Date 2011-02-07 Filesize 39.83 KB Download 3979
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