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'True Devotion is

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I was very grateful

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recommend it

wherever I can'

Jim Packer

Pilgrims, Warriors, and Servants

Pilgrims, Warriors, and ServantsPilgrims, Warriors, and Servants: Puritan Wisdom for Today's Church edited by Lee Gatiss.

'Puritans,' says J I Packer, 'saw themselves as God’s pilgrims, travelling home, God’s warriors, battling against the world, the flesh, and the devil, and God’s servants, under orders to do all the good they could as they went along.'

In this first compilation of St. Antholin’s Lectures from 1991-2000 we are brought face to face with those heroes of the past and are encouraged to apply their godly wisdom in our own day.




ISBN: 978 0 946307 76 0


Pilgrims, Warriors and Servants: (Hardback)
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ISBN: 978 0 946307 77 7

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Pilgrims, Warriors and Servants: (Paperback)
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This compilation includes the St Antholin lectures from 1991-2000:

J I Packer

A Man For All Ministries: Richard Baxter 1615-1691

Geoffrey Cox The Rediscovery and Renewal of the Local Church: The Puritan Vision
Alister E McGrath Evangelical Spirituality: Past Glories, Present Hopes, Future Possibilities
Gavin J McGrath ‘But We Preach Christ Crucified’: The Cross of Christ in the pastoral theology of John Owen 1616-1683
Peter Jensen Using the Shield of Faith: Puritan Attitudes to Combat with Satan
J I Packer An Anglican to Remember - William Perkins: Puritan Popularizer
Bruce Winter Pilgrim’s Progress and Contemporary Evangelical Piety
Peter Adam A Church ‘Halfly Reformed’: The Puritan Dilemma
J I Packer The Pilgrim’s Principles: John Bunyan Revisited
Ashley Null Conversion to Communion: Thomas Cranmer on a Favourite Theme


The series is edited by Lee Gatiss, and opens with his introduction:


To Satisfy the People’s Hunger for the Word: St. Antholin’s as the Prototype Puritan Lectureship.

A limited number of hardback copies are available.

First Published 2010: 276 pages

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