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I was very grateful

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recommend it

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Jim Packer

St Antholin lectures

What Matters in Reforming the Church?

What Matters in Reforming the Church? Puritan Grievances under Elizabeth I By Andrew Cinnamond

It is no small injury which you do unto the word of God, to pin it in so narrow room'.

Puritanism as a reform movement emerged slowly during the reign of Elizabeth I, but the early stages of the struggle to purify the Church of England from every last vestige of Antichrist are not well known.  Using the Admonition Controversy (1572-77) as a lens to view early Puritanism, Andrew Cinnamond shows that the tension between Puritans and conformists must be seen within a shared Reformed theological framework, a 'Calvinist Consensus'.



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Re-establishing the Christian Faith


Re-establishing the Christian Faith - and the public theology deficit By David Holloway

"The Puritans agreed that Jesus Christ is Lord of the whole of life including the things of this age. So they were true secularists, being openly theistic secularists."

In this lecture, David Holloway argues that we have a public theology deficit - the world has changed and presents new challenges that Christians have failed to think through. At the time of the Reformation and during the Puritan era, Christians had a deep concern for the total welfare of their fellow men. But this is something that seems to have been lost now.

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Evangelical Mission and Anglican Church Order

sal2009Evangelical Mission and Anglican Church Order: Charles Simeon Reconsidered By Andrew Atherstone

Charles Simeon (1759-1836) of Cambridge, the doyen of the evangelical movement, has often been portrayed as an ardent upholder of Anglican church order. His abhorrence of ecclesiastical irregularities is legendary. For two centuries Simeon’s defence of canon law and submission to episcopal authority has been presented as the standard of loyal Anglican churchmanship, a model for other evangelicals in the Church of England to follow.

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From Life's First Cry


From Life's First Cry: John Owen on Infant Baptism and Infant Salvationby Lee Gatiss.

In a context of great controversy, puritan theologian John Owen (1616-1683) wrote a rationale for covenantal infant baptism. He defines the question carefully, and sets about proving his case with biblical and theological arguments designed to counter the attack made on the practice by influential antipaedobaptists.

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John Newton & the Twenty-first Century


1807-2007: John Newton and the Twenty-first Centuryby Tony Baker.

John Newton - preacher, hymn writer, and converted slave trader - died in December 1807. This lecture aims to show Newton's considerable significance for our own times, and to introduce us to the man, to his writings, and to those who have written about him.

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