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I was very grateful

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recommend it

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Jim Packer


Deification and Union with Christ

Deification and Union with ChristDeification and Union with Christ: A Reformed Perspective on Salvation in Orthodoxy by Slavko Eždenci.


The concept of deification, or union with God, is a distinctive mark of Orthodoxy and has a central role within the Eastern theological framework. Since among Western Protestants there has been a recent renewal of interest in Orthodoxy, it is not surprising that scholars are trying not just to rediscover deification, but also to identify deification in Western theology.

Also available on Kindle (affiliate link)

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Plastic People

LS73 Plastic PeoplePlastic People: How Queer Theory is changing us by Peter Sanlon.

How has it come to pass that our generation views gender and sexuality as open to endless permutations of change? How have obscure academic books by Queer writers influenced popular culture? What sort of freedom are Queer writers really pursuing? How can Christian ministers respond? These are some of the questions examined in this book. As they are explored, it becomes evident that Queer Theorists have successfully impacted our cultural consciousness at a profound level.

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To Plough or to Preach


LS72 To Plough or to PreachTo Plough or to Preach: Mission Strategies in New Zealand during the 1820s

by Malcolm Falloon.

The year 2014 will mark 200 years of Christian Mission in New Zealand. The mission began among Northern Maori of the Bay of Islands in 1814 with three ‘settler’ missionaries and their families. But it was not until 1825 that the first Christian convert was baptised, with the mission only finally flourishing in the 1830s.

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Empty and Evil

LS71 Empty and EvilEmpty and Evil: The worship of other faiths in 1 Corinthians 8-10 and today By Rohintan K Mody

No issue is more important, more difficult, more controversial,or more divisive for Christian theology and practice today than that of other faiths. The subject raises large theological questions about the nature of other faiths and Christian participation in the worship of other faiths. The issue of the nature and practices of other faiths is of real relevance today given the presence of large other faith communities in our society.

Also available on Kindle (affiliate link)

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The Thirty-Nine Articles in Spanish

The Thirty-Nine Articles

Los Treinta y Nueve Articulos: Su Lugar y Uso Hoy by J I Packer and Roger Beckwith.

This classic Latimer Study is now available in Spanish!

Some years ago, Gerald Bray was teaching in Latin America, and the one huge need of which he became aware was for good theological books in Spanish.  This pilot translation project has taken some time to come to fruition, but we pray that it will help the Anglican church in Latin America to value and build on sound foundations.

¿Qué es lo que define a la Iglesia de Inglaterra? ¿Tienen los Treinta y nueve Artículos alguna relevancia hoy en día?

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