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AF07: Instruction in the Way

of the Lord: A Guide to the

Catechism in the Book

of Common Prayer

by Martin Davie

AF08: Till Death Us Do

Part: "The Solemnization

of Matrimony" in the Book

of Common Prayer

by Simon Vibert.


An Anglican Evangelical Identity Crisis

LS70 Anglican Evangelical Identity CrisisAn Anglican Evangelical Identity Crisis: The Churchman-Anvil Affair of 1981-1984 by Andrew Atherstone.

The Churchman – Anvil affair of 1981-84 is a cause célèbre in the recent history of the Anglican evangelical movement.

For more than a century, Churchman (founded in 1879) had been the leading scholarly journal amongst evangelicals in the Church of England. Then the journal’s owners, Church Society, sacked the editorial board and replaced them with a new team. In response, the sacked board and their friends went on to pioneer a new rival journal, Anvil (launched in 1984). These traumatic and polarizing events were of great significance for the development of the Anglican evangelical movement in the decades after the Keele Congress, yet they remain shrouded in myth.

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Christianity and the Tolerance of Liberalism

LS69 Christianity and the Tolerance of LiberalismChristianity and the Tolerance of Liberalism: J.Gresham Machen and the Presbyterian Controversy of 1922-1937 by Lee Gatiss.

At the beginning of the last century a more liberal way of interpreting Christianity began to grow in popularity. Traditional believers in many denominations are currently reaping the fruit of a failure to heed the stark warnings about liberalism given at that time by American theologian J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937). Much of what happened in the Presbyterian Church of which he was a part will sound eerily familiar to Anglicans today.

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Paul in 3D

LS68 Paul in 3DPaul in 3D: Preaching Paul as Pastor, Story-teller and Sageby Ben Cooper.

A hard-pressed pastor-teacher sits at his desk one rainy morning, surrounded by books, and staring at the text of Galatians 3:8-14. … Does anyone understand Paul’s argument in Galatians 3:8-14?


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Heresy, Schism & Apostasy

LS67 Heresy, Schism & ApostasyHeresy, Schism & Apostasy by Gerald Bray.

The church has often been riven by divisions which have threatened its unity and integrity. Words like ‘heresy’ and ‘schism’ have been bandied about by the different protagonists, and in the Anglican Communion some bishops now travel half way round the world to minister to individuals and parishes who cannot accept the ministry of their local diocesans. What justification is there for such actions? If a bishop crosses diocesan boundaries to minister to such people, does he create a schism by his actions? Should one leave the Anglican Communion on conscientious grounds, and if so, on which ones? Can we honestly recommend our beliefs to others as the best way, the surest truth and the most satisfying life?

Also available on Kindle (affiliate link)

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The Tragedy of 1662

The Tragedy of 1662The Tragedy of 1662: The Ejection and Persecution of the Puritans by Lee Gatiss.

Also available on Kindle (affiliate link)

In these days of spiritual ignorance in the country and doctrinal laxity in the church, many Anglicans look back to former times with a certain degree of wistfulness. One date lingers in the collective Anglican memory as suggestive of a golden era: 1662.

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