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The New Testament and Slavery

The New Testament and SlaveryThe New Testament and Slavery: Approaches and Implications by Mark Meynell.

Evangelical Christians in the nineteenth century led the campaign for the abolition of the slave trade, and then of slavery, throughout the British Empire. Yet their opponents argued that the Bible itself supports the institution of slavery. How can one book be used to uphold two contradictory positions?

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A Step Too Far

A Step Too FarA Step Too Far: An Evangelical Critique of Christian Mysticism by Marian Raikes.

Is there such a thing as an evangelically acceptable version of mysticism, or will ‘Christian mysticism’ and biblical spirituality inevitably contradict each other? If so, why and to what extent?

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Too Big for Words

Too Big for WordsToo Big for Words: The Transcendence of God and Finite Human Speech by Mark D Thompson.

If we claim to speak of God, do we know what we are talking about? How much are the limitations of language a barrier - or is it wrong even to make the attempt?

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Must God Punish Sin?

Must God Punish Sin?Must God Punish Sin? by Ben Cooper.

Must God punish sin? It is clear from the Bible that God does punish sin. But to say that God must punish sin is a much more contentious claim.

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The Water and The Wine

The Water and the WineThe Water and The Wine: A Contribution to the Debate on Children and Holy Communion by Roger Beckwith and Andrew Daunton-Fear.

What age should children or young people be when they are first able to take communion? This question has been 'settled' in different ways at different times in the history of the church, and yet today in the Church of England it is as contentious an issue as ever.

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