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I Absolve You

I Absolve YouI Absolve You: Private Confession and the Church of England by Andrew Atherstone.

Reconciliation between sinful humanity and Almighty God is at the heart of the gospel message. The Christian church has good news to proclaim, that no matter how terrible our sins, forgiveness can be obtained through the sin-bearing death of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.

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The Parish System

The Parish SystemThe Parish System: The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever? by Mark Burkill.

Established in the 12th century, the parish system of the Church of England is looking well past its sell-by date at the beginning of the 21st century.

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The Oath of Canonical Obedience

The Oath of Canonical ObedienceThe Oath of Canonical Obedience by Gerald Bray.

The oath of canonical obedience, sworn by all ordained ministers of the church of England, raises vital questions of conscience and integrity. Something which should foster confidence and trust instead arouses suspicion of being vague, ambiguous and idiosyncratic.

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Reforming Forwards

Reforming ForwardsReforming Forwards? The Process of Reception and the Consecration of Women as Bishops by Peter Toon.

The process of reception – the introduction of new beliefs and practices and their ‘reception’ by the faithful – is an influential yet rarely discussed development within the Church of England. Little understood by many in the church, its effects are already felt throughout the Anglican communion.

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The Theology of Rowan Williams

The Theology of Rowan WilliamsThe Theology of Rowan Williams: An outline, critique and consideration of its consequences by Garry Williams.

In the debate concerning how Christians in Anglican churches around the world should respond to Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury, it is often said that they need to know what he thinks before they respond. This publication seeks to meet that need by offering an introduction to his theology.

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