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The Toronto Blessing

The Toronto BlessingThe Toronto Blessing by Martyn Percy.

There is no agreed method or process amongst social scientists or theologians on how to assess and evaluate religous experience. This paper attempts to assess the complex phenomenology of the Toronto Blesssing (TB) and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) through theories of exchange, power and charisma. It offers a number of valuable insights into the TB and its associated social and cultural context.

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A Critique of Spirituality

A Critique of SpiritualityA Critique of Spirituality by John Pearce.

This booklet is written for Christian teachers, leaders and spiritual guides. It is intended to add discriminating balance to the two very useful and positive Latimer Studies on the subject by D A Ousley: The Way of Holiness 1: Principles and The Way of Holiness 2: Issues.

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The Rough Places Plain

The Rough Places PlainThe Rough Places Plain: AEA 1995.

The 1995 Anglican Evangelical Assembly saw the first fruits of two years' process of detailed dialogue, backed up by regional half days of prayer. The Assembly's recommendations are not the end of the work, but this collection of papers represent "unfudged agreement thus far".

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EuthanasiaEuthanasia: A Christian Evaluation by Henk Jochemsen.

In most Western countries as well as in others, the issue of euthanasia is being discussed from time to time and with varying degrees of intensity. What arguments are put forward around such decisions, and how should they be evaluated?

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Episcopal Oversight

Episcopal OversightEpiscopal Oversight: A Case for Reform by David Holloway.

At the end of the 20th Century there was a definite call for the reform of the episcopate in the Church of England - not for abolition but reform. Why is there such a need?

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