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J I Packer commends...

'True Devotion is

extraordinarily good:

I was very grateful

for my copy, and

recommend it

wherever I can'

Jim Packer


Building Multi-Racial Churches

Building Multi-Racial ChurchesBuilding Multi-Racial Churches by John Root.

The credibility of the Church of England's rightful commitment to being a multi-racial church will stand or fall by how far and how effectively it consists of multi-racial parishes. This booklet is an attempt to map out the sort of convictions and policies that are needed to enable the Church of England to become multi-racial.

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The Way of Holiness 2

The Way of Holiness 2The Way of Holiness 2: Issues by David Ousley.

This booklet discusses a series of issues in Christian Spirituality from a biblical perspective. How should we approach Fasting? Money? Holidays? Sleep? Driving? Penitence? Thankfulness? Intercession?

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The Lambeth Articles

The Lambeth ArticlesThe Lambeth Articles: Doctrinal Development and Conflict in 16th Century England by Victoria Miller.

Predestination was one of the most widely discussed theological topics in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries and one of the most complex. In England, as on the continent, intensification of the efforts to spell out just what exactly was intended by the concepts of election and reprobation contributed to the hardening of theological and political lines around the turn of the century. In England, the preparation of the Lambeth Articles by prominent Anglican divines for the purpose of settling a theological dispute at Cambridge University served as a kind of flash point in the discussion: they were intended by their authors to explain what was, in their minds, the consensus interpretation of the position outlined in the Thirty-nine Articles, but they had instead the unintended consequence of clarifying how fragile, even non-existent, the consensus position was.

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The Way of Holiness 1

The Way of Holiness 1The Way of Holiness 1: Principles by David Ousley.

There could hardly be any more important theme for literature than Christian devotion, yet much of what is written today is trivial, fanciful or wayward. Dr Ousley's writing, by contrast, while simple and concise, is also serious and profound. With practical realism and faithfulness to scripture, he discusses Scripture and the spiritual life, Justification and sanctification, living by rule, silence, daily office, corporate worship, distractions, prayer & feelings, and adoration.

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The Christian Message in a Multi-Faith Society

The Christian Message in a Multi-Faith SocietyThe Christian Message in a Multi-Faith Society by Colin Chapman.

Whether we are talking about 'other faiths', 'interfaith', 'a multi-faith society' or 'a pluralist society', what we are dealing with is the perplexity, the uncertainty and the loss of nerve that many of us and many of our churches feel in the face of the changed religious face of Britain today. We are talking about what is probably the most profound challenge to the Christian faith that we have had to face for centuries.

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