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The Doctrine of Justification in the Church of England

The Doctrine of Justification in the Church of EnglandThe Doctrine of Justification in the Church of England by Robin Leaver.

The doctrine of justification by faith alone was for Luther something to sing about, for Calvin something to think about, and for Cranmer something to pray about. Luther expressed the doctrine in his hymns, Calvin in his Institutes, and Cranmer in his liturgy for the English church. But for all the Reformers, however they expressed the doctrine, justification was the touchstone of their theology, not because they were interested in dogma for its own sake but because they found it to be at the heart of the teaching of Scripture.


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The ASB Rite A Communion

The ASB Rite A CommunionThe ASB Rite A Communion - A Way Forward by Roger Beckwith.

How did we get to where we are today with Anglican liturgy and Common Worship?

This study was written in 1979, considering the revision of the Prayer book since the 1960s and the formation of the Alternative Service Book (ASB). Roger Beckwith concentrated on the revision of the most controversial of the services in the Prayer Book, Holy Communion to show the doctrinal implications of the reform. He also discusses what steps the church would be wise to take next. This short book raises issues important to our current liturgy as well such as issues of doctrine and intelligible language.

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